Up-front Patient Payment Calculator

Successful Medical Clinics rely on the eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator


The eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator is a subscription-based service delivered over the World Wide Web.

It doesn't require any special computer hardware or software. Just a modest subscription fee.

Annual Subscription
One-Time Setup Fee
Includes initial training
Advanced Training/Process Setup

We're confident the eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator will add significant value to your practice.

First, it will dramatically improve cash flow.

Second, it will reduce your patient-pay accounts receivable immediately upon implementation.

Our pricing model is based on a one-time set-up fee and a recurring monthly subscription charge. The $200.00 set-up charge includes assistance during the initial phase of customizing forms and configuring Service Codes for your practice and its practitioners. An eobQuote™ service representative will be available to assist with any questions related to implementation.

The subscription rate for the eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator is $179.00/month based on an annual contract rate. The monthly charge includes unlimited use of the eobQuote Patient Payment Calculator by your employees.

We also offer additional training at a reasonable hourly rate to help you maximize the benefits of the calculator and take full advantage of our service.

We think you'll find that the improved cash flow and collection rate from patients typically pays for the monthly cost of the eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator within a few days of implementation.

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  • eobQuote, LLC to demonstrate the Patient Payment Calculator at the National Retina Care Trade Show in Dallas, TX on April 2, 2011.

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