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Successful Medical Clinics rely on the eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator

What is the eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator?

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The eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator is a web-based online tool that calculates the amount due from your patients at the time of their visit.

Simply tell the calculator what services were or will be provided during the patient's visit as well as the key details of their insurance coverage (annual deductible, copay or coinsurance and deductible paid YTD). Within seconds the eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator will tell you what the patient pay portion is for the patient's current visit.

As a web-based program, the eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator runs inside your web browser—you don't need to install anything more.

Your Medical Practice Needs Patient Payments

Today's medical practices face unprecedented financial challenges. Small, medium and large companies across America are reducing benefit costs through higher co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance amounts. Even the cost of Medicare secondary insurances and Medicare replacement plans are driving ordinary customers to switch to health insurance plans with lower premiums and less coverage.

Collect Patient Payments at the Time of Visit

What then is the answer for your practice? Simply this: to collect the entire patient pay portion at the time of visit.

For years you've been collecting co-pays and payments from non-insured patients at the time of visit. So collecting patient pay amounts is nothing new.

You know that collecting the entire amount due from insured patients at the time of the visit is paramount—but how much should you ask the patient to pay?

The eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator
is the Solution

Just a few dollars a day buys you access to the eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator, a browser-based online solution that—when coupled with a defined process—will provide your Practice with a professional statement showing the total amount due for co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance for each patient visit at the time of the visit. View a screenshot.

Nothing to Download or Install

Set up your Practice's own eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator account with just a computer, a web browser and a high-speed connection to the Internet. There's nothing to download, install or upgrade.

Easy to Setup and Customize

You can quickly customize your eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator account with your Practice’s own logo, name and Service Codes, including Service Code pricing for the insurance plans used most frequently by your patients. View a screenshot of a customized calculator results page.

Cash flow at our Practice increased dramatically within days after we signed up for the eobQuote™ Patient Payment Calculator. Our biggest surprise was that our patients were more satisfied when they knew up-front just how much their visit would cost.

— Laura Talley
Augusta Eye Associates, P.L.C.

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